We graduated! Because we both graduated the same day in different colleges, we and some very dedicated family members sat through a total of five hours of graduation ceremonies. Most of which was listening to the names of strangers being read over the loud speaker. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us amidst all … More Graduation!


Joe and I are done with our internships. It feels good to be done. Next step graduation. Hopefully the effects of this straining semester will wear off quickly and we can feel human again. Joe has been especially tried with his grueling 70 hour work week (with only 30 hours paid). So if you haven’t … More Alive


With the start of my internship, I have become a commuter. It is not a decision that I would have made, but for the sake of my education (aka not having much choice in where I was placed for my internship) it is what I must do. To save on gas, avoid putting mileage on … More Commute