I get so impatient with my hair sometimes. This is my third time that I have chopped my hair short and donated it, but this time has been the hardest. When I cut my hair it was the shortest I have ever had it. I absolutely loved it, I didn’t even have to do anything … More Redhead

Hair Update

It seems that when I have time to post it is typically about my hair. I will continue that tradition today and hope to diversify our posts in the future. Right now I will show evidence that my hair is getting to be a more uniform length along with more options for styling short hair.

Pixie Cut Journey

Since I chopped my hair off back in April, I have been growing out. I loved having really short hair, it took a while to get used to having to do so little to make it look decent. But it was an adjustment that I thoroughly enjoyed. I started growing my hair back out immediately … More Pixie Cut Journey

Hair Donation

Yesterday I chopped off over 10 inches of hair to donate to Beautiful Lengths. Not only can I be excited about having a new look, I can feel good about giving my hair up to someone who has lost theirs due to cancer.