Porter the Puppy

Why the crawling baby is like a puppy: -He crawls on all fours -He follows us everywhere -He isn’t very good at following directions -He likes to eat food left on the floor -He can’t talk -He is very loud at all the wrong times -He gets into every thing -He isn’t toilet trained -He … More Porter the Puppy

Family Tree

About a week and a half ago I took the youth from church, that I work with, to a youth conference held on Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. At first I thought that it would be the standard tour they usually give, which I have been on at least ten times, but I … More Family Tree

Graduation X2

The end finally came, I finished my Masters degree and graduated for my second time from the University of Utah. This time I hope it feels more final. Last year after I graduated with my Bachelors degree I returned to school to begin my Masters only two weeks later. This time I’m not planning on … More Graduation X2