At Home Spa Day

In celebration of passing my licensure test on Thursday I treated myself to an at home spa day yesterday. I started out with a hot oil treatment for my hair. The one that I use is based off of information from this site. What normally ends up happening is I pour some honey and some olive … More At Home Spa Day

Christmas Tie

I found a wonderful tutorial on Pinterest with a pattern for a men’s tie. I tentatively used the tutorial and pattern to make Joe a tie for Christmas. I was very pleased with the results. These are the materials I used. The liner for the tie was from a skirt that is now too short … More Christmas Tie

Changed Jacket

I recently got a jacket for free that I didn’t like much, but I did like the way it fit. I made some changes and I like the results. I wasn’t a fan of the patch or the buttons on the original jacket. I took off the patch and switched out the buttons and I … More Changed Jacket


A woman I visit teach recently gave me some chairs and off handedly said that they would be nice pieces if I reupholstered them. That sounded like too big of a project, but since the chairs were free I decided to take them. After visiting a friend’s house who had just reupholstered some chairs I … More Reupholster