In high school I was part of a regional youth symphony. Every year we participated in a music festival at Abravanel Hall, home of the Utah Symphony. It was one of my favorite performances of the year because watching the Utah Symphony perform as a child was the inspiration of my dream to become a … More Finlandia

Graduation X2

The end finally came, I finished my Masters degree and graduated for my second time from the University of Utah. This time I hope it feels more final. Last year after I graduated with my Bachelors degree I returned to school to begin my Masters only two weeks later. This time I’m not planning on … More Graduation X2


I get so impatient with my hair sometimes. This is my third time that I have chopped my hair short and donated it, but this time has been the hardest. When I cut my hair it was the shortest I have ever had it. I absolutely loved it, I didn’t even have to do anything … More Redhead

Technical Battles

It seems my luck with technology in recent months has been lacking. Back in October after a terrible day at my internship I came home and bent over to check something on my car when my iPod touch fell out of my purse and landed on the pavement. I heard the thud it made and … More Technical Battles

Hair Update

It seems that when I have time to post it is typically about my hair. I will continue that tradition today and hope to diversify our posts in the future. Right now I will show evidence that my hair is getting to be a more uniform length along with more options for styling short hair.

Layton Marathon

This summer I became disillusioned by summer school and I decided I needed to work towards something other than my Masters degree. I never had the desire to run a marathon before, but I decided it was time to give it a shot. I registered for a race, found a training plan to use, and … More Layton Marathon


A woman I visit teach recently gave me some chairs and off handedly said that they would be nice pieces if I reupholstered them. That sounded like too big of a project, but since the chairs were free I decided to take them. After visiting a friend’s house who had just reupholstered some chairs I … More Reupholster