Nothing Yet.

To Our Baby Boy, Today is June 13, 2014. We really want to meet you. Your mother especially wants to meet you. We love you already. We have been waiting for you and will continue to wait for you always. Personally, I want you to come sometime this weekend. Today is Friday the 13th and … More Nothing Yet.

What’s Not to Love

I recently read a statement from a pregnant woman that made me cringe. She stated that she loved being pregnant, when I read that statement I burst into tears. I cannot say that I love being pregnant, one of the reasons being that I cry pretty easily. That day had been particularly stressful and I … More What’s Not to Love

It’s a Boy!

On Monday we had our first ultrasound of our little one. Joe and I (and a lot of other people) were both convinced that we were having a girl, so when we found out that we are actually expecting a little boy we were surprised. Surprised in the best way possible. My eyes were glued … More It’s a Boy!


I realize I haven’t blogged in quite a while. One of the biggest reasons is that we’ve been keeping a secret, one that I didn’t want to risk sharing. Our secret is out now, we are having our first baby. Our little one is due June 18, 2014 and we are thrilled. I am currently … More Secret