O Christmas Tree

Since Joe and I have been married we have always had “live” Christmas trees. Our first Christmas together we decorated our house plant, affectionately named Norbert II. Our second Christmas together we decorated our Redwood sapling that we bought for our first anniversary. Both plants have died and so we have been looking for a … More O Christmas Tree


A woman I visit teach recently gave me some chairs and off handedly said that they would be nice pieces if I reupholstered them. That sounded like too big of a project, but since the chairs were free I decided to take them. After visiting a friend’s house who had just reupholstered some chairs I … More Reupholster

Feeling Crafty

I have a small little craft corner in my small little apartment. Recently I have not had much time to devote to this small corner of my life. Any craft that I have started has sat lonely and unfinished, until today. Yesterday I bought a glue gun which gave me a lot of ambition to … More Feeling Crafty


My mom taught me to sew when I was in the 4-H program, but since then I haven’t done much. My mom recently gave me one of her sewing machines and I’ve been trying to get the hang of it again. My progress has been slow, but once I got some help from my mom … More Projects