The Moving Fiasco

While moving into our new apartment it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. Two days before we were able to start moving our car broke down. As I was driving to work one morning a block before the freeway on ramp the car wouldn’t go above 30 miles an hour and was making … More The Moving Fiasco

Repurposing: tights to headband and hemp twine to belt

One day on Pinterest I found a tutorial for making a headband using old tights. I was extremely excited. I love tights and I love headbands and I am always getting holes in my tights. Turning tights with holes into headbands seemed like a perfect solution. I followed this tutorial and I will definitely use it … More Repurposing: tights to headband and hemp twine to belt

At Home Spa Day

In celebration of passing my licensure test on Thursday I treated myself to an at home spa day yesterday. I started out with a hot oil treatment for my hair. The one that I use is based off of information from this site. What normally ends up happening is I pour some honey and some olive … More At Home Spa Day

Oven Mitt Surgery

It seems that there are some things that I will just never learn. Like how to keep my apartment clean for more than a day, the rules of football, how to roll my “R’s,” and how to not put my oven mitt on a hot stovetop. Fortunately most of those things I don’t care about … More Oven Mitt Surgery

Oven Mitt

Quite a while ago I accidentally lit my oven mitt on fire. A little advice, don’t leave your oven mitt on a warm burner. It will ignite in flame and you will no longer be able to use it. Since my oven mitt was no longer usable I had been looking at tutorials to make … More Oven Mitt

Simple Upcycling

Due to finishing up my last semester of graduate school, my latest projects have been pretty simple. These projects have consisted of using bits and pieces of used materials that I have on hand, or upcycling. Check them out. This is a braided headband that I made from an old, stained t-shirt. I was pretty … More Simple Upcycling

Shoe Acupuncture

I recently “reupholstered” a pair of shoes that were looking pretty tired. A while ago I had found this tutorial via Pinterest. The original tutorial is for a pair of Toms. My shoes are not Toms, but much more inexpensive shoes I picked up at Target. Their design is similar to Toms, but different enough … More Shoe Acupuncture