Porter the Puppy

Why the crawling baby is like a puppy: -He crawls on all fours -He follows us everywhere -He isn’t very good at following directions -He likes to eat food left on the floor -He can’t talk -He is very loud at all the wrong times -He gets into every thing -He isn’t toilet trained -He … More Porter the Puppy

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. We decided to do a few things to celebrate this great planet that we live on. First we all wore green. Porter’s outfit was informative and extra green. His shirt listed steps on how to save a forest and we got the shirt and shorts at a thrift store. Buying used … More Earth Day


I can’t believe we are already this far into October, as such I have been thinking a lot about Halloween. Now that my sewing machine is fixed I have been adding some fun Halloween items and other things to my Etsy shop, Creations By Hope. I’ll be adding more in the next few days, so … More Halloween


I get so impatient with my hair sometimes. This is my third time that I have chopped my hair short and donated it, but this time has been the hardest. When I cut my hair it was the shortest I have ever had it. I absolutely loved it, I didn’t even have to do anything … More Redhead

Technical Battles

It seems my luck with technology in recent months has been lacking. Back in October after a terrible day at my internship I came home and bent over to check something on my car when my iPod touch fell out of my purse and landed on the pavement. I heard the thud it made and … More Technical Battles