One Week Old

We sure love our new baby boy. He is adorable and cute, even if he poops and pees all over the place while we are changing him. We frequently find ourselves replicating his facial expressions. Porter has been a lot of fun and I love having him as my new adventure buddy. Last Saturday I … More One Week Old

My Mindful Marathon

After a five year break, and actually following a training plan I ran the 2014 Ogden Marathon last week. Unfortunately it was my slowest time out of the three full marathons I have ran, but I still finished in 4:38. Many factors may have contributed to my calves cramping up around Mile 11. In the … More My Mindful Marathon


I took a long weekend off last week. With the government being shutdown our plans to camp at Great Basin National Park were put on hold. We decided to spend Thursday helping Hope’s parents with their driveway. Apparently the government decided to open late Wednesday night so we decided that we would go to Great … More Staycation

Last Minute Ragnar

Yesterday I finished the Wasatch Back Ragnar for my second time. Unlike when I ran the Wasatch Back for the first time three years ago, this time I joined my team days before the race. A friend from my Master’s program had several people drop out of her team last minute and asked if I … More Last Minute Ragnar

Small Wins

In my management class the other day we briefly discussed celebrating “small wins.” It got me thinking about our goals for 2013 and our struggles in 2012. Looking back on the last few weeks 2013 is having a much better start than 2012. We have already made progress on some of our goals and have … More Small Wins