Porter the Puppy

Why the crawling baby is like a puppy: -He crawls on all fours -He follows us everywhere -He isn’t very good at following directions -He likes to eat food left on the floor -He can’t talk -He is very loud at all the wrong times -He gets into every thing -He isn’t toilet trained -He … More Porter the Puppy

Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. We decided to do a few things to celebrate this great planet that we live on. First we all wore green. Porter’s outfit was informative and extra green. His shirt listed steps on how to save a forest and we got the shirt and shorts at a thrift store. Buying used … More Earth Day

Pura Vida/Pure Life

I had an eye opening, enriching experience last week as I traveled to Costa Rica. Preparing weeks in advance as part of a class, I went with a community development perspective in mind. Everywhere I went I saw or heard the phrase “pura vida”, or pure life. When asked how they were doing, people would … More Pura Vida/Pure Life

Salvaging Winter

This weekend and last weekend we attempted to make the best of what was left of winter. Parental duties, school duties, Scouting duties, and lack of snow made it difficult to enjoy this winter. A few months ago before everything melted we snowshoed. Last weekend we visited my home in the Tetons and went for … More Salvaging Winter


I can’t believe we are already this far into October, as such I have been thinking a lot about Halloween. Now that my sewing machine is fixed I have been adding some fun Halloween items and other things to my Etsy shop, Creations By Hope. I’ll be adding more in the next few days, so … More Halloween

Creations By Hope

When I was pregnant I quit my job a week and a half before my due date. I was hoping that by doing this the baby would come sooner. But he didn’t and that last week of pregnancy seemed like an eternity. To pass the time I sewed bibs in anticipation of one day opening … More Creations By Hope

Porter’s Birth Story-The Short Version

Midnight: Contractions were getting to be consistent and closer together. 2:00 a.m.: Called the hospital and they told me to stay home for a few more hours. I watched The Incredibles while Joe unsuccessfully tried to sleep. 6:00 a.m.: We headed to the hospital and successfully beat rush hour traffic. 7:00 a.m.: After some skeptical hospital staff checked me … More Porter’s Birth Story-The Short Version