Giving Good Gifts

When I was 8 months pregnant I attended a conference. The opening session of the conference was packed. Fortunately I had gotten there early enough to get a good seat. Unfortunately about 30 minutes into the presentation I needed to use the bathroom, one of the joys of being 8 months pregnant. I was irritated, … More Giving Good Gifts

Bump Update

In case you were curious I am still pregnant and officially at 36 weeks. When this baby is going to come is anyone’s guess. And if you would like to be in on the fun you can cast your own guess through our Google form. Here are some pictures of the growing baby bump.

What’s Not to Love

I recently read a statement from a pregnant woman that made me cringe. She stated that she loved being pregnant, when I read that statement I burst into tears. I cannot say that I love being pregnant, one of the reasons being that I cry pretty easily. That day had been particularly stressful and I … More What’s Not to Love

It’s a Boy!

On Monday we had our first ultrasound of our little one. Joe and I (and a lot of other people) were both convinced that we were having a girl, so when we found out that we are actually expecting a little boy we were surprised. Surprised in the best way possible. My eyes were glued … More It’s a Boy!

Last Minute Ragnar

Yesterday I finished the Wasatch Back Ragnar for my second time. Unlike when I ran the Wasatch Back for the first time three years ago, this time I joined my team days before the race. A friend from my Master’s program had several people drop out of her team last minute and asked if I … More Last Minute Ragnar

Repurposing: tights to headband and hemp twine to belt

One day on Pinterest I found a tutorial for making a headband using old tights. I was extremely excited. I love tights and I love headbands and I am always getting holes in my tights. Turning tights with holes into headbands seemed like a perfect solution. I followed this¬†tutorial and I will definitely use it … More Repurposing: tights to headband and hemp twine to belt

Oven Mitt Surgery

It seems that there are some things that I will just never learn. Like how to keep my apartment clean for more than a day, the rules of football, how to roll my “R’s,” and how to not put my oven mitt on a hot stovetop. Fortunately most of those things I don’t care about … More Oven Mitt Surgery

T-shirt Skirt

I recently raided the drawers of my old dresser at my parents house to find old t-shirts. My family thought I was crazy when I got excited about a whole collection of different shades of blue t-shirts and stated I was going to make them into a skirt. I was inspired by this idea, found … More T-shirt Skirt