Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. We decided to do a few things to celebrate this great planet that we live on. First we all wore green. Porter’s outfit was informative and extra green. His shirt listed steps on how to save a forest and we got the shirt and shorts at a thrift store. Buying used clothes is good for the earth because it saves old clothes from ending up in a landfill and also reduces the amount of new clothes being bought. Porter and I ate our lunch outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and the beautiful earth. He enjoyed it, I promise.


Porter wore an upcycled bib at dinner that also had tree propaganda.

After Porter was asleep I set off on a project that I’ve been wanting to do for weeks. I made a homemade cloth wipes solution and folded my cloth wipes into an old plastic wipes container. I’ve used cloth wipes off and on but I haven’t found a method that is convenient enough to stop me from using disposable ones. Hopefully this new attempt will be the one that works.


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