I realize I haven’t blogged in quite a while. One of the biggest reasons is that we’ve been keeping a secret, one that I didn’t want to risk sharing. Our secret is out now, we are having our first baby. Our little one is due June 18, 2014 and we are thrilled. I am currently about 15 weeks pregnant and we’ll have our first ultrasound in about 3-5 weeks where we hope to find out the gender.

We played around with several ideas of how to share our news, and ended up telling different people in different ways. It was actually strange when we started telling people because we had kept my pregnancy a secret for so long. Here are a few of the pictures we used in revealing our secret.


On the whole I’ve felt pretty good with really no morning sickness. Now that I am in my second trimester I am even feeling a little more energetic; of which I am extremely grateful. I feel like I slept through all of October, November, and most of December. I already feel like I look pregnant and even had people at church asking me when I am due. I guess I really can’t keep it a secret anymore, which isn’t such a bad thing 🙂



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