Not much is happening here. Personally I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, as it has always been one of my favorite holidays. I like taking time to be grateful for what I have. One story I have from last Friday is that I was standing in line to buy tires at Costco. The lady in front of me was panicking because she had them fix a flat and thought it was covered under her warranty. She had three little kids who were trying to comfort her but it wasn’t working. She did not have a debit card on her nor an American Express card, (because that’s all Costco accepts). Costco was not going to let her leave and come back and her husband was unavailable to help. I stood back, hesitating initially, but then I volunteered to pay her $47 bill. She was grateful and promised to send me a check. It felt good to serve but as I was reflecting about the experience, it was out of my comfort zone to talk to a random stranger and offer her money, especially not knowing if she was going to pay me back. I had to remind myself to be more Christlike. Overall, it felt good to help somebody out who needed it. I remember doing that frequently while serving my mission. Don’t ever forget that you are doing a great service.


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