Three Year Anniversary…A month ago

It seems like this past month has gone by extremely fast. So fast there’s been no time for blogging. It seems that it all started at the beginning of August when we celebrated our three year anniversary.

That day I got off work early and Joe and I checked out a couple of apartments. One of which we are now living in. Moving into our new apartment has taken up the majority of our free time recently. Finding the apartment on our anniversary seemed like a good omen and a good start to our evening.

After we filled out paperwork for our apartment we headed to Snowbird to check out some of their attractions. We ride the alpine slide and the mountain flyer. Another bit of luck came our way when we rode the mountain flyer. No one was in line behind us so the operator let us ride it three times. We felt like that made it worth the money.

After Snowbird we headed to dinner at Benihana. We had a $30 gift certificate to use there from my birthday. And since it was our anniversary they gave us free ice cream.

All in all it was a great day. It’s strange to think Joe and I have been married for 3 years already. On a whole it’s been a wonderful three years, and it’s gone by fast. I’m grateful that I married so well. I wouldn’t trade what we’ve got for anything.


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