The Moving Fiasco

While moving into our new apartment it seemed like everything that could go wrong did. Two days before we were able to start moving our car broke down. As I was driving to work one morning a block before the freeway on ramp the car wouldn’t go above 30 miles an hour and was making a terrible noise. I quickly decided to not get on the freeway and drove the car slowly to the dealership. Later that day when Joe went to pick it up it did the same thing. They gave us a rental car for the weekend. This is how we discovered that the 2013 Subaru Outback works pretty great for moving.

When we got our car back on Monday the check engine light came on not too long after Joe started moving a load of our things. Minutes after I got the call from Joe that our car was not fixed I got another call with bad news. The family members we recruited as our primary help were unable to make it. This meant that we were also unable to borrow a van from our grandparents because we didn’t want to take our car on the freeway. Instead of three cars and an adequate number of people helping, we were left with only one car that wasn’t very reliable and much less help than we expected.

Luckily we had a neighbor and a friend who stepped in at the last minute. After several failed attempts of trying to find someone with a truck we decided to just stick with our Subaru. Our eccentric neighbor stepped in when I was struggling with our mattress and helped us strap it to the roof of our car. My friend who was over helped us load up the rest of the car. Right as we were about to drive away more help came, but unfortunately none of them brought cars. So we said goodbye, crawled into the car through the windows and drove slowly to our new apartment. When we got there we unloaded everything on our own.

Neighborly help
Good thing we still have the bungee cords that held our last car together.

Later that night we had another neighbor and friend step in to help us move our couch. Of which I was extremely grateful.

The next day we took our car in yet again and got another rental car. This time it was a 2013 Subaru Forrester that we weren’t as fond of. But it did fit our whole love seat in the back plus a whole bunch of boxes. The whole move took about a week, but we now officially have all of our stuff in one place and most of it is unpacked.

A whole love seat in the back of the car.

Later we felt the need to explain to our neighbors in our 4-plex that we aren’t crazy Subaru lovers who own three different Subarus (two of the same model, just different years). Though we do love the Subaru we do own and hope that it doesn’t have any more problems for a long time.

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