The Benefits of Being Unemployed

I have technically been unemployed for almost a year now, but during most of that time I was consumed with classes and an internship. For the last two months I have been unemployed without school or internship. While it’s starting to get old there are some benefits to being unemployed.

  1. You don’t have to plan ahead to do fun things, so when a friend asks you to run Ragnar last minute you can do it. I didn’t even have to worry about what effects the soreness and lack of sleep would have on me because I didn’t have to go anywhere afterwards.
  2. You can sleep as long as you want. You can also stay up as late as you want. I’m not sure that Joe, who actually has full-time employment, is too pleased with my new sleeping schedule.
  3. You can catch up on all of those TV shows you have previously been too busy to watch. I may watch Netflix a little too much.
  4. You can be on top of all of your communication. I can write daily letters to my little brother who just left on a mission.
  5. You have time to make your house spotless. I don’t actually do this, but I think about it sometimes. Maybe one of these days I will actually get bored enough to do it.
  6. You have time to organize your house. This I have actually done, it was refreshing to be able to get rid of a lot of unnecessary things and free up some space.
  7. You have time to revise your resume, cover letter, etc. and check all of the job boards. I am really dedicated to this job search thing, when the internet went out for a day and I couldn’t check any of my job boards or send in any applications I did not know what to do with myself.
  8. You have time to research ways to save money, since you aren’t making any.
  9. You can get a head start on making any hand made Christmas presents, or other presents. I’ve already got baby presents ready for friends whose babies aren’t due for months.
  10. You have time to make meals (another one of those ways to save money) and try out new recipes.


There you have it, 10 benefits of being unemployed.

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