Simple Upcycling

Due to finishing up my last semester of graduate school, my latest projects have been pretty simple. These projects have consisted of using bits and pieces of used materials that I have on hand, or upcycling. Check them out.

This is a braided headband that I made from an old, stained t-shirt. I was pretty proud of myself once I mastered the five-strand braiding technique. It works great for keeping my not quite long enough hair into a ponytail. I used the tutorial from Make it and Love it.


Then there is the toothbrush travel pouch that I made out of a hand towel that I never use and a scrap of ribbon from a wrapped present someone gave me. We’ve used this travel pouch several times and are pleased with how it works. The idea is pretty simple and took about 10 minutes to make, I used the idea from this website.



My final project is for reusable swiffer covers. I made these covers out of a fleece pajama top that never quite fit me right. I haven’t tried these yet, but they are quite popular on Pinterest. This is the tutorial I followed.



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