Proud of My Grad

In less than a month, we will have the first master’s degree in our little family. I am so proud of Hope for all the hard work she has done this past school year as she worked toward her Master of Social Work. She had to go to summer school, which was not fun when factoring in me driving bus at night. She had to put 1050 hours at internships that did not pay anything, not even a thank you at times. Hope had to endure critical comments from closed minds. Hope will still have to log over 4000 hours of practice and supervision after graduation and before she can get licensed. It has not been easy and there were times I know she wanted to give up, but she stuck with it. She overcame adversity despite opposition from multiple fronts. I know there were a lot of prayers on her behalf and we are grateful for that. It makes be exhausted just looking at all her requirements, but I support, am proud of, and wish my grad the best of luck!

_MG_9920Us with our fake bachelor degrees when we graduated last year.

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