Feeling Like a Grown-Up

It is amazing how roles change as time continues. I remember the days when my father or other adults did things for me. I have been feeling more like a grown-up as each month passes by. Starting my career with my first salaried job last August, picking and purchasing a new couch in February, and now this: doing my own plumbing. It was not anything too complicated, but our bathroom sink was draining extremely slow, and cleaning it from the sink was not doing the trick. So I put a bucket underneath the sink, unscrewed some pipes, and pulled a bunch of hair that looked and felt like a nasty, wet rat. I will spare you the pictures, but I sure do feel accomplished at doing simple things on my own without having to call in the professionals. Some days I do not like the grown-up feeling, but as long as I mix some fun in there it will be worth it.

One thought on “Feeling Like a Grown-Up

  1. My condolences on having to do plumbing. It’s the worst. We just had a horrible plumbing experience as well that took 2+ weeks, involved replacing about 5 feet of drain lines and no fewer than 10 trips to Home Depot/Lowe’s. But it really did give me a sense of accomplishment to finally see the drain in the tub flow easily again (and know it wasn’t pouring into the basement).

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