Goblin Valley Spring Break

It took me a while to post about spring break this year. We had a wonderful time in Goblin Valley for Hope’s last spring break. We invited Hope’s family along and we were set for adventure. Our trip started on Thursday, when Hope prepared us well for dinner that night by putting together hobo dinners. Those tasted amazing and set the tone for a great trip. We slept on new/repaired therm-a-rest pads that I sent in for warranty repair.


Friday was Green River day. Hope’s father took us hiking around the Black Dragon Canyon area, where we sat on an overlook of the San Rafael River. After learning a little about the San Rafael Swell, we checked out some petroglyphs in the actual canyon. Dinner was enjoyed at Ray’s Tavern in Green River where we stuck out like sore thumbs as we sat next to a family of Duck Dynasty fans, as evidenced by their shirts. Again, Hope’s father showed us an area in Green River that was concentrated with petroglyphs, and I felt like we hit the jackpot in terms of ancient history.


We sought for solitude away from crowds in the Valley of the Goblins on Saturday. I hiked to the top, with Hope’s brother, of one of the highest goblinmountains made of what felt like dried mud at times. The view was breathtaking. In the afternoon we did the Little Wild Horse – Bell Canyon loop. Hope and I got a little irritable due to being tired, but we managed to pull through and enjoy the views.


On the way home we decided to detour through Capitol Reef National Park and stop at Hickman’s Bridge. It was worth it and I plan on making that another trip in the future. Our trip to Goblin Valley was one of the best spring breaks I have had in a while. I would be safe to say it was the best time I had in that area than previously.

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