Cheap Ways to Snowboard

Hope and I are trying to live frugally. It is hard to find fun adventurous things to do that do not cost a lot. Snowboarding definitely falls into the expensive category of adventure sports. We have been trying to find ways to reduce the cost while still having fun.

  1. Since Hope is new to snowboarding we bought most of her gear for ridiculously low prices during the Sports Authority SNIAGRAB, which occurs every fall before the snow even flies.
  2. The annual Warren Miller ski movie premiere usually offers vouchers to the Canyons ski resort for the price of a movie ticket. So we got two full day passes for about $40!
  3. Last Monday, after the huge storm, we hiked up in the Foothills above our apartment and did a little backcountry in the front country. It was a workout for a married couple trying to stay fit, but we did it! The snow was nice and deep as well, otherwise I would not recommend it.

We will continue to look for cheap ways to snowboard, to save money while having fun, and to increase happiness.

Snowboarding at Canyons
Snowboarding at Canyons

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