New Year’s in Canyonlands

The New Year found us freezing our faces off in Canyonlands. We found a sweet deal on lodging in Moab, Utah, and decided it would be an adventure. We had never been to Moab in winter and thought it was going to be warmer than winter anywhere else because, well, it was Moab. I usually am dying from heat in early spring or fall, so I was quite surprised to find that it was the coldest we have been all winter.

After arriving one late evening and early morning church the next day with some really friendly people, we started our adventure in the Needles District. We checked out a roadside ruin, a natural spring and a cowboy camp. Not too extreme, but it was beautiful to see red rock covered in snow and with no one around, it was just nature and us. The road led us to explore the Elephant Hill area. Hope was a little hesitant to take our car on a snowy dirt road but I assured her that our little Subaru would be fine.


ImageImageNew Year’s Eve found us exploring Island in the Sky. We were not as secluded as we were at Needles but it was not too bothersome to have others around. On the short but icy trail to Mesa Arch, I slipped like a classic feet-in-the-air cartoon and thought I broke a bone in my arm, judging by the sound it made when I hit the ground. Thankfully nothing was broken and we were able to enjoy the mystical view from the window of the arch. The mists were all around us as we continued to Grand View Point. It truly felt like heaven, an island floating in a sea of clouds. Every now and then we caught a glimpse of the Colorado River below, and it truly was a blessing.


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