Pixie Cut Journey

Since I chopped my hair off back in April, I have been growing out. I loved having really short hair, it took a while to get used to having to do so little to make it look decent. But it was an adjustment that I thoroughly enjoyed. I started growing my hair back out immediately after I cut it because I knew that by the time my hair started getting long again I would be missing my long hair. I have just recently began to miss my long hair and have been willing it to grow faster. But it hasn’t worked. In the meantime I have devised several strategies to cover up the awkward stage my hair is in. I have only gotten it trimmed once in the last five months when it was getting so long in the back that I could not stand it. The hair stylist explained to me that hair grows faster in the back, and that I should come back frequently as I grow my hair out to avoid looking like I have a mullet. This was a good tip and something that I did not know; however, I hate paying to have my haircut. So every once in a while I have been trimming the hair on the back of my head. Which is not an easy task, it never looked amazing but I thought it looked pretty good for what it was. It also satisfied my desire for not having a mullet. Another thing that has helped is headbands. I use headbands when I run to pull my hair back, and also to cover up that my sideburns are an awkward length compared to the rest of my head. They also diversify what I can do to my hair. Curling my hair is another trick that hides the unevenness that can happen in the length of my hair. It also helps to look at pictures of when I first got my haircut and realize that my hair really has grown quite a bit.

This was taken the day after I got my haircut

Some headband magic about a month after I cut my hair

This was about six weeks after I cut my hair. It was a nice length, but got kind of poofy and out of control if I didn’t comb it right after I washed it.

This was around the first time I got it cut (three months after the initial haircut). You can tell it was getting a little shaggy in the back.


Another trick I learned was to flip the ends of my hair out. It also makes me feel like it is longer.


Curly hair makes everything better. This was taken about four months after the initial hair cut.


This is what my hair is looking like these days (about five months after the initial haircut). I tuck the sideburns behind my ears to distract from their awkward length.


This is me wearing my latest favorite headband. I made it from scraps from my reupholster project.

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