A woman I visit teach recently gave me some chairs and off handedly said that they would be nice pieces if I reupholstered them. That sounded like too big of a project, but since the chairs were free I decided to take them. After visiting a friend’s house who had just reupholstered some chairs I decided I might give it a try. She gave me some tips and with some help from the internet, it wasn’t too bad.

Old Chair

I purchased the materials I needed: staple gun, staples, heavy fabric and then located the tools that I had on hand: scissors and a screw driver.


The project was fairly simple. I flipped over the chair, unscrewed the screws on the bottom, and popped off the seat. Then I measured the amount of fabric I would need to cover the seat and cut it to size.  I pulled the fabric taut and used my staple gun to keep it in place. Then I put the seat back in place and put the screws back. Old chairs made new.

New Chairs

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