Happy Birthday

Yesterday I celebrated another birthday. As has been typical of our life lately, all of the plans we made in advance fell through. Luckily Joe is resourceful and our Plan B was in all likelihood more fun than what he had originally planned. The day started by sleeping in, which is something we have not enjoyed for quite a while with our busy schedule. Then we met up with my former roommate, Kara, and headed out to Jordanelle.


Joe rented us some inflatable kayaks and we spent the afternoon paddling and jumping in and out of the water.


It was relaxing and peaceful. We left the reservoir just as an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in.


After debating about where to go for dinner and driving around for a while we finally decided to try out a place we had never been, Outback Steakhouse. Unfortunately we did not know where one was and we are too cheap to have smartphones so once again we had to be resourceful. Joe decided to use his phone to actually call someone, and my younger brother answered the call and was able to look up directions for us. Luckily we were close by and found the restaurant.


I ordered the first steak I have ever had at a restaurant and we enjoyed reminiscing on the highlights of the last year. The waiters even sang me happy birthday Australian style, which was very brief. All in all it was a great day.

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