Sea Kayaking on a Lake

When we were looking for things to do this summer Joe found an article about sea kayaking on the Great Salt Lake. We instantly wanted to try it out, but it took us a few months before we actually did it. We finally had a full day off together for the Fourth of July and we decided to take advantage of it. We rented some sea kayaks, primitively strapped them to our car, and brought some friends along.

We drove out to the marina by Saltair and got our boats into the water. Once we paddled past the bugs it was quite enjoyable. What I enjoyed most was the peaceful tranquility of the water, and getting past the bugs.

The water was refreshing.

We even jumped in to get the full experience of being submerged in salt water. Later when we dried off we had salt patterns all over our arms and legs and our clothes felt as though they had been starched.

Dried Salt

We paused for a midday picnic and then paddled out some more. By the end of the hours we spent there we were tired, but also felt restored from the beautiful views.

All of us in our sea kayaks.

Exploring our state’s natural resources was a great way to celebrate the birth of our country.

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