I conquered my first real peak of the summer today. Standing at about 11,050 feet, Sugarloaf Mountain is part of the Wasatch 11ers, a list I am attempting to accomplish. It was not easy due to certain variables. Allergies, unexpected snow on the trail, lack of adequate sleep, being out of shape, and not having sharp thought processes made the summit difficult to attain. Additionally, I did not have a partner to rely on this time.

Due to conflicting work schedules, Hope could not come with me, and I decided to go without her because this type of situation where we cannot align our schedules has been occurring a lot lately. I did miss her more than I thought I would. The howling wind was enough to make me feel all alone and desirous to to turn back. I tried to rely on God to comfort my lonely and weary soul. I was given the drive to make it to the top despite my weak physical condition.

With long breaks included, it took about three hours and ten minutes to summit Sugarloaf Mountain. Because of snow, I slid down in less than an hour.

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