Since graduation things have not settled down, they have gotten busier. Our available time to go out and do fun things together has diminished to Saturday. Perhaps someday we can be like normal people and go on vacations and go out on Friday night, but for now we will just have to enjoy our occasional Saturday.

One of our most recent adventures took us to dangerous territory, Utah county. We took a tour of Timpanogos Cave. The cave itself was fascinating, our group members not so much though their behaviors gave us excellent suggestions of what not to do when we are parents someday.

There were a few nice people in our group, like the ones who took this photo for us.
Out of the cave, and glad to be by ourselves. Until we ran into the mother who was singing “The song that never ends” to her children.

Today we went on another adventure, this time in more comfortable territory in the Salt Lake area. Our hike up to Grandeur Peak became even more interesting with the threat of rain on the way up to the peak. We only spent a few moments at the top in anticipation of thunder and lightning that might come with the rain. As we trekked down the rain started lightly and got heavier and heavier until it started hailing. We ran most of the way down and even though we planned for the weather, our water resistant clothes were soaked by the time we made it back to our car.

On top of the mountain.
The beginning of the rain.
This is how the better part of the trail looked.
Soaking wet at the end of our hike.

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