We graduated! Because we both graduated the same day in different colleges, we and some very dedicated family members sat through a total of five hours of graduation ceremonies. Most of which was listening to the names of strangers being read over the loud speaker. Thanks to everyone who came and supported us amidst all that monotony. We weren’t sure if we ourselves had the stamina to endure it, it was as though there was one final boring lecture to prove ourselves worthy of our diplomas.

Thanks to everyone who came and supported us the day of graduation and those countless others who supported us in the years it took us to get to graduation.


Joe receiving his diploma cover.


Me with the dean of my college, whom I’d never met.


We made it!


We were so glad Joe’s mom was able to make it to graduation.


Couldn’t have ever made it without these people!


We were pleased that a grandparent from each side of my family was able to come.


I was also able to walk at the same time as my former roommate who is finishing up her Masters degree.

All in all it was a good day and a great feeling to have finished something that has been a goal for so long.

All photos were taken by my mother Cindy McConkie.

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