Missing Friends, Seeing Cycles

When I am having a rough time I miss the way things were. I miss old friends and the places we hung out in. Specifically, I miss summers in Jackson with no responsibility. I miss the times where I laughed my head off for no good reason other than I was having a good time.

I have had friends from different times of my life. I have my Jackson friends; I have my friends from my freshman year at Utah State University; I have my friends from my LDS mission in Mexico; Although small in number I have close friends from living here in Salt Lake City. Now I have my wife as a friend. The Lord has blessed me with good friends for different stages of life.

To sum it all up, I want you to know that of all the things that truly makes me really happy, spending quality time with old friends I have not seen in a while, is at the top of the list, if not close to it.

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