Festival of Colors

For the past few years around springtime I have been noticing pictures of my friends covered in bright colors on Facebook. I did not know where they were or what exactly they were doing but it looked really fun. I finally found out there was this Krishna temple down in Spanish Fork, Utah and that they have a Festival of Colors every year. After I found that out I still missed it for another year. Finally, I decided that I wanted to be cool. And so Hope and I finally went, and it was a blast.

As a group we threw colors every two hours. It became a cloud of color and we could not see or even breath for a couple of minutes. We could only handle two before we decided to leave. They were expecting about eighty thousand people this year, and I was glad we came early because traffic was terrible when we left. I feel all cool now that I have Festival of Colors pictures on Facebook. That was such a great experience and I recommend it to everyone.

During. Hope didn't jump in time.

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