When Technology Fails

I never realize how much I rely on technology in my life until it is gone. My computer has crashed or otherwise been unusable several times in the last year and  the wireless internet that we share with excellent friends has gone out even more times than that. Every time this happens I feel useless. When the internet does not work I can’t cook because I can’t access my favorite cooking websites. I can’t check my email to see what is going on with school, church, and friends. I can’t publish a blog post or see what gems my sister’s blog holds, and I can’t watch my favorite television episodes. When my computer doesn’t work I can’t work on homework, watch DVDs (as my laptops doubles as our TV/DVD player), or write new blog posts. I feel anxious that there is this entire cyber/technological world that I am missing out on.

However, there is something to be said about being unplugged. Those times when I am able to completely let go of technology (of my own free will, not when it is taken from me). I find new freedom. I am more in tune with my thoughts and feelings, my Heavenly Father, and the world around me. I am better able to connect with the people in front of me, rather than those on my cyber network who aren’t physically present. I also, surprisingly, have more free time.

As with all things, there is a balance that needs to be found and my balance is sometimes overthrown by an overindulgence in technology.  Maybe when my technology fails, it is really a sign to me that I need to reconnect to something else.

One thought on “When Technology Fails

  1. Too true. Noel said there were some diagnostics he could send you to see if it’s the hard drive. Now I just need to remember to remind him to send them . . .

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