Golden Tickets, Forget-me-nots, and Wish Lists

As I have been very busy working the equivalent of two jobs, I have been trying to listen to more than just the popular hits on the radio as I commute back and forth. One talk from the October 2011 LDS General Conference always seems to stick in my mind, President Uchtdorf’s talk on the forget-me-not flowers of our lives. He reminded us to not overlook the tiny things in our daily lives that really and truly matter the most. We were also informed about not getting stuck on our ‘golden tickets’ that we think we need in order to be happy. I decided to reflect on what my golden tickets are these days.

My golden tickets seem to consist of a rather expensive wish list of gear and other cool gadgets I all too often think will help me feel efficient, prepared, and way cool. I feel that I need an Apple computer or any new Apple product to replace my small, humble net book and outdated iPod. In order to be fully prepared for the outdoors and/or emergency situations, I think it would be so technologically advanced to own portable solar energy from Goal Zero. I will not even mention the backpacks, climbing gear, boating equipment and other things I have spent so much time drooling over.

The forget-me-nots I overlook include having stuff that works. Sure, it would be cool to have all new stuff, but I should consider myself fortunate to own what I already have. That being said, I would not refuse a gift off of my wish list, wink, wink. More importantly, I have a place to sleep comfortably at night, and I have food to eat always, even though I may sometimes burn it or ruin the mashed potatoes! And I have someone to love and spend forever with. Truth is, I am a lucky man and I am grateful for messages such as this one to remind me of that. If it does not ruin this post, I will throw in a link to the country song I am thinking of this moment.

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